Arc Flash Protective Suites

Oberon Company manufacture Arc Flash suites for PPE3, PPE4, PPE5, PPE 6 and PPE7 according with NFPA 70E  2015 Edition. Also offers Contractor Kits for electricians and utility workers.

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Arc Flash and Flash Fire Protective Clothes

Arch Flash protective garments (PPE1 & PPE2) rated to protect personnel who work near of Electric Panels, also manufactures protective clothes with customized design to protect workers against Fire Flash Hazards in facilities that  storage and process flammable substances.

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Cameras, Smartphones and Tablets for hazardous areas

Smartphones, PDA’s, Tablets (Windows and Android), IS Cameras, Beacons, Barcode and RFID Readers shielded for industrial applications where explosive atmospheres may be presented due to storage and process of inflammable substances, those locations are commonly known as classified hazardous areas.

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Smart Headsets

Communication in noisy environments is now solved by the SENS technology used in the Sensear smart muffs and ear plugs. The headsets can be connected via cable to almost any brand of Radios, also can be used in smartphones via Bluetooth®, they can also communicate as 2-Way Radio or in a group of people and even Face-to-Face.

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LED Safety Vests & Signs

LED Traffic Safety signs supplies and Safety Vests used for school districts, municipalities, bus companies, tow trucks, airports, road construction and safety professionals across and beyond Americas.

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LED, Strobe and NEOBE® technology.

TOMAR Electronics is a leading manufacturer of high quality emergency warning products and optical preemption systems. For over 40 years, TOMAR has engineered, designed, and manufactured highly reliable and extremely efficient LED and strobe light systems.


Fire and Gas Mapping. Optimized.

Detect3D uses powerful ray-casting algorithms to accurately determine the obstructed field of view of flame detectors

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