We are focused to provide Solutions to protect personnel and facilities to prevent risks and hazards in the industry due to the use of Toxic and Combustible Substances and Electricity during the process to manufacture any good used by the end consumer.

Our Specialized Services and Products create solutions to avoid spill in Solids and liquid Storage, to Alarm and Detect Toxic Substances and Explosives Mixtures and to Protect Personnel against risks such as Arc Flash, Flash Fire, Noisy Environments and Explosion due to using mobile devices in Areas Classified as Hazardous Locations.

We have a professional staff for technical support for all the stages in the life cycle of a project from understanding your specific needs to implement the solution. Also we have an after sales service team to take care of your investment.

Our Compromise



Our employees are the most valuable asset in our company and we are convinced all incidents with damage can be prevented by means of education and training. That is why the main goal of this company to provide a safe work place free of injuries for our employees.

Safe work practices is a requirement for all workers and sub-contractors during the execution of every task assigned and must be performed according our safety procedures.

Accident prevention is responsibility of all our workers. Preventing accidents shall be a primary consideration for the our business sustainability.

Leadership in safety is the Key to preserve our personnel, facilities and environment.


Our compromise is to work with quality through services that fulfill the requirements established with our customers with the objective to become your trusted solutions provider that support your production and safety goals.

We follow the principles of TQM (Totally Quality Management) that allow to improve continuously our internal processes in order to be competitive and internationally recognized, adding value to our shareholders and employees.

Our quality system is in compliance with international standards.

Our Core Values


Recognize and value the diversity in thoughts and believes


Maintain equity between a healthy life and work


Acting the same in all aspects of our life


Engagement to fulfill what our clients have been entrusted


Putting the heart and mind in the work to get the best


Capacity to position our actions above conventional standards


Optimizing available resources to get the best results


Suggest creative solutions with high potential for a positive impact


Giving the best and world class service beyond customer expectatives


Contribute and leave an heritage for future generations