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Fire and Gas Mapping Software

Detect3D is the first software product of its kind, giving your organization the ability to perform 3D fire and gas mapping projects in-house. Developed by Insight Numerics, Detect3D works directly with your CAD files and uses the most advanced ray-casting algorithms to accurately account for all geometry – no simplifications or CAD re-working necessary.


Detect3D allows you to:

  • Perform fire and gas mapping studies in-house optimally positioning detectors to comply with industry performance standards
  • Reduce project duration by 70% of the time typically required by other solutions available on the market
  • Better manage costs through the project life cycle with our licensing structure, which allows for unlimited design changes
  • Share design updates between project teams – license is not restricted by geographic region
  • Analyze complex detector layouts and geometries without the need to invest in additional hardware – Detect3D is designed for Windows-based laptops and workstations
  • Optimize layouts using genetic algorithms and detector ranking capabilities
Camera only – Via kiosk mode the functionality of the Smart-Ex® 01 can be limited to using only the camera function.
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