Taking Advantage 4G/LTE Network for Safety Inspections

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Although mobile devices with 4G / LTE have already become standard in the consumer sector, this is not yet the case in the industry. 3G networks still have a wide distribution. However, as a result of the continuous networking of devices and assets within “Industry 4.0″, a higher down- and upload speed is required. Several 2G networks were even switched off and it is only a matter of time until this fate also overtakes the 3G networks. LTE (4G) will be the standard for coming years.

As a result of 4G / LTE, mobile communication, such as video conferencing and especially the exchange of data in real time, is possible. Thanks to high transmission rates, large data volumes can be distributed, sent and downloaded quickly and reliably. Some providers are already installing both, on- and offshore private LTE networks, which are significantly more reliable and less sensitive to errors than Wi-Fi networks.

Advantages of 4G / LTE

  • High data transmission rates
  • Downward compatible
  • An infrastructure can be easily constructed
  • Low latencies